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Our organisation is focused on supporting the rise of the female voice in publishing

The growth of independent and self-publishing makes telling our stories even more accessible. Our network seeks to support and empower women to share their stories in new ways and provide opportunities to those that otherwise wouldn’t be able to access publication.


We bring women together to create a unified mission and shared set of values, increasing our impact on a global scale. We challenge the attitudes of the publishing industry toward more diversity, inclusivity and equality. 


We work better together and can have more impact as a collective than we can as individuals. We hold powerful networking events and provide a supportive online community to foster collaborations and long-term creative partnerships. 


We provide support, guidelines and a code of conduct to encourage our members to set and maintain high standards and quality output within the self and independent publishing industry.


We support, guide and encourage women to step into leadership within independent publishing. Empowering women to take charge of their voice, own their authority and carve their own publishing destiny.

Why We Do What We Do

Women have long been marginalised and their voices, stories and wisdom have been lost throughout history. We're here to change it.

Estimated number of years it will take to reach global gender equality from UN Women
Women restricted from becoming professional publishers in America until late 19th century
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Average page gap between men and women working in publishing in 2015 from Publishers Weekly
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Percentage of prizes awarded to women in US National Book Awards since 1950
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