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Our Code of Standards

The self-publishing industry can feel like the Wild West; a law onto itself and a minefield of information and quality. Part of where self and independent publishing gets stigmatised and belittled by the traditional publishing industry and society at large is this lack of organisation, cohesion and quality.

While we love the fact that publishing has become so accessible to so many, we at the Women’s Independent Publishing Network realise that if we, be that women or anyone in independent publishing, ever want to be taken seriously, we need to up our game.

We promote high standards of quality through our code of standards and ask that all our members adhere to this code in order to demonstrate that self and independent publishing is not just a second-best option if you can’t secure a publishing deal. 

We’re here to show that not only is independent publishing full of successful authors and indie publishers but that they produce high-quality works that are a valuable contribution to society and are entitled to receive the same treatment, accolades and acclaim as traditionally published works.

We want to close the gap between traditional publishing and other modes of publishing. We want to be afforded the same opportunities within awards, media coverage and bestseller lists as well as demonstrate a seamless high quality that stands up against traditionally published design.

No longer will self-publishing stick out like a sore thumb or be seen as the traditional publishing industry’s poor cousin. We are a viable, accessible, inclusive, beneficial and profitable route allowing all voices a chance to be heard.

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