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The Women’s Independent Publishing Network was established in 2022 by Camilla Fellas Arnold alongside fellow women working in the independent and self-publishing industry. Our members include indie publishers, authors and creative service providers that work in and advocate for independent and self-publishing. The network was established to create a supportive community for women to connect, grow, collaborate and succeed in an industry that has long been seen as a ‘gentleman’s profession’.

With an aim to unify and empower the female voice, we seek to challenge the traditional publishing industry against their stigmatisation of self and independent publishing by exploring alternative publishing models and championing the rise of the independent female creator.

Our network is built and shaped by the women and for the women it represents, with a view to attain charitable legal status in future as it develops.

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Camilla Fellas Arnold

Camilla is a creativity and writing coach, CEO of Tecassia Publishing, international bestselling author and podcast host for Creative Power.

“I founded the Women’s Independent Publishing Network when I realised I could no longer advocate for traditional publishing and was growing increasingly frustrated by the stigmatisation and marginalisation of alternative models such as self and independent publishing.

I felt it was important for us to unite in our mission and support for one another as we have spent so long divided and uncoordinated. The Network seeks to raise the standards for independent publishing, create more opportunities by expanding our reach and network and provide support and empower those seeking to share their story with the world.” 

"Publishing is not a gift you have to seek permission or earn. It is your birthright to share your story with the world."

– Camilla Fellas Arnold

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